These have always been the Issues…

Safe Streets

Ed Nesmith is a man of action. For over 35 years Mr Nesmith has been allowing his actions to speak for themselves. From cleaning up the streets in his South Philadelphia neighborhood, forming a Youth Council out of the local SACKS Playground, to providing job training and employment opportunities to reform citizens helping them to rebuild their lives and rejoin society with a stronger sense of purpose.

Ed Nesmith has and will continue to fight to get guns off our streets in an effort to break the cycle of poverty and crime.


If we can work, Let us WORK!

Economic Opportunity and Equality

As a member of the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC), Mr Nesmith’s distinguished record of public service and community involvement has had a direct impact on several communities throughout Philadelphia.
His work has helped improve racial relations, and through his construction company he has created countless equal opportunities, second chances and community-based jobs.
By creating quality education and economic opportunity Mr Nesmith holds the key to keeping our children in the classroom and workforce and out of prison cells.


If you think non violent protest are wrong, think again…

Ed Nesmith Vs DRPA

We went to DRPA to improve minority participation for future employees and contractors. Our investigation of Delaware River Port Authority exposed low percentages for minority involvement. But the statistic that bothered us the most, was that these percentages where even lower as it related to Philadephians involvement in employment and contracting with DRPA.

Ed, made a speech at a board meeting and ordered his team to follow up until we had positive results. This is a prime example of what our candidate brings to the table. It is also an example of how one man with a devoted team can get it done. The coach is only as good as his team. Read highlighted portions.